Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alice in Space - in Color!

At this in time point I got busy with a ton of projects, going to comic-con for the first time, and getting ready for my mission so I stopped posting in the Mentorship forum but I kept working on the characters. I really struggled with feeling like anything I drew had that illusion of life...they all seemed so dead...so I decided to draw the queen in 100 different poses/expressions to force myself out of my comfort zone. I attacked that goal with gusto and by the end I felt like I had overcome some wall - It was a great feeling. The page below was just a page of some of my favorites from the results. I still have alot to learn and I want to continue pushing myself but I admit I was super happy with that feeling of something starting to click. I also created a page of color variations for Alice.

Back to the Future...aka Present - October 4th, 2011, 2:24 am
After having plenty of time of time away from these, I feel like I can finally see them with fresh eyes. I need to totally redo the King and take a fresh clean pass at the all my characters. I know now that my lack of solid plot and character development has led me to fight myself a ton during this process. Who are they really? I kept changing my mind and that made it hard for me to push the designs and make decisions. I didn't really know who they were so I was trying to make up for that confusion by creating tons of variations and hoping one would just look cool enough to work. Story is everything! So I'm now working that out so I can take a fresh pass at this idea.
NINETEENTH POST - April 6th, 2009, 1:14 am

Anatomy Adjustments...
I've been revising each of my characters in separate files and I felt that I was losing a bit of the cohesiveness so I lined them back up and worked on them next to eachother. 

Hope you're having a great spring break! ^^

it's looking really good. 

- king's glove and alice's boot look really similar, king's right forearm is longer than his left forearm. try experimenting with the shape of the armthing on the king. near the wrist it looks like a tube - maybe come in at an angle and queen's staff things are tangent with her boot - looks like it has tags. but I'm just nit picking here - overall it's really nice. cats feet are looking nice. - I guess you could design the king's gun thing now - unless you're happy with what it is. 

good job. keep it up. :)

EIGHTEENTH POST - March 31st, 2009, 12:10 am
curiouser and curiouser...

Thanks for the critique ^^ It's helping alot as I look for ways to streamline the design and how it all works :) I'll probably be hammering it out over the next two weeks-ish so till then I'll go back to the other characters. For now here's the mischievous Cheshire ;) I worked on it's silhouette a bit to make it a little more interesting and I was just thinking of keeping it a solid color to focus on the grin but I tried a few other things to see what would happen.
-The alien Cheshire cat can camouflage itself like a chameleon, thus "disappearing" so I don't think it needs to be too complicated but I did think maybe Alice might spruce it up with a little cat space suit at some point, I don't know...

I really like the idea of changing colors like a chameleon. That's great. Now you just need to decide on a pattern. I like how the circles in the first one contrast the sweeping lines of the cat. the long lines of the second one are nice - surfboard-like - and say "fast" - they're speed stripes. I don't think the little shirt works for him. I like the tiger stripes, the wrap around lines break up the form too much, having no inner designs seems naked, and the sparse sploches could work. 

since you've changed the ears (not iconic "cat" ears) - I think you should have a nose - well put one on and see how it looks - you don't have to keep it if you don't want to. It's up to you, 

I love the tail. as for the front legs on this cat are different sizes (left leg longer and that the paw isn't flat with the other paw, but supposed to be right next to it, looks weird). don't just stop that one near us at the body, give a line (at least on one side) to show it goes to the shoulder. you might want to draw a skeleton for it. (also a great piece for your portfolio - it shows a lot of thought and proves it can be built and rigged in 3D).

SEVENTEENTH POST - March 28th, 2009, 1:07 am

So here it is finally! Sorry it took so long...I went through pages of variations before I got to this one. I really haven't done much (aka any at all) vehicle design before so I was leaning towards simple at first but after doing some more research and looking at the design in comparison to the other characters I decided to push myself further. I tried to incorporate some design elements from old 50's/60's cars and went for a external "face" since I was struggling so much trying to do that in the interior. I even went for something of a license plate/ship number that from the front looks like a rabbit tooth ;)

-I'll try to work out some variations based on this idea with some other views to clarify the whole look but I wanted to post this before I got myself too swamped. Look forward to hearing from you ^^

Quote inspired by this project...:
"If at first you don't succeed, just keep drawing 'til you go insane. Insanity is a great source of inspiration." - Me

wow - I'm really liking this rabbit. the front really does look rabbit-like. my question now is - where's the door (how do you get it). does the bubble disappear and then reappear or does it beam people inside? or are there some steps that fold down like on a plane? 

anyway - it may be late (your comment) - but well worth the wait. good job. and don't throw away those pages of searching - keep them - they are great for your portfolio.

oh - remember with design - there are places with details (usually smaller areas) and large areas where it's minimal. look at cars - large sides of cars - the details are in the front, near the tires, in the back, and usually have a purpose - lights, wheel wells, doors, handles, grills. also - you can push the variation. a lot of the pieces are similar size. the "face" of your rabbit is a good example - nose is small but cheeks are large. also - where the cheek and fender meet - try smoothing that out. this car has a front but it's still a sphere. and not based on a box like a normal car. so the transitions will probably be smoother. - just a thought - give it a shot and see what happens. 

and the insanity comment - very nice - keep it up. .. . .

SIXTEENTH POST - March 14th, 2009, 6:10 pm

Thanks for the encouragement! It inspired me to go back and tackle this other monster (the ship) so I thought I'd post the most recent sketches for you to check out while I cleanup and recostume the king...Didn't clean these up as much as I could have and the perspective's probably still all wonky but I'm posting them anyway since I'm exhausted. I'm still not sure what the exposed "brain" of the machine would look like so that one's just a glass cover right now but I'll work on that. I hope everything's readable enough for you to look over, I didn't want to post the file too big.

Looking these over again, I think the touchscreen one would work the best as a taxi (a more sensible functional design that could be duplicated) and it would compliment the costumes of the other characters the best. I guess if I wanted too I could still incorporate the soundwave idea onto the screen since it could be a versatile interactive AI system...

all these have a nice, coherent feel to them. My vote is for the exposed sound waves - really gives a good visual to animate. . . . although they did just do something like that on Igor . . . . hmm. - if you want to give it a personality - you need something very visual - like the sound waves or give it a face - look at Rosie on the Jetsons (the robot maid - wasn't that her name?) - she still has facial expressions and body language. - your "touch screen" kind of has a face - the things on the side look like eyes - throw a mouth in there too on the inside area with all the dots and you've got yourself a character.

March 21st
I've been hard at work on the ship variations, I'm still cleaning them up but I should be able to post it by Monday. I figured I was having a hard time with the interior design details because of the exterior's simplicity so I've been doing some exploration sketches and I think it's headed in a better direction. Hopefully I can nail this design down soon, I'm really psyched to start throwing colors on all these characters ;)

FIFTEENTH POST - March 13th, 2009, 9:25 am

*tried to post this earlier, around 5, but my computer was freaking out :( 

Ok, so after struggling endless hours on just this guys legs, I went back to the Sean Galloway link you gave me to see if I could get a better simplification on the overall look. I kept thinking to myself how much easier girls were to draw and I realized that's because I had been drawing them for so long that I knew how to simplify the form into basic curves. What was making this hard was that because I don't draw the male form all that often, I hadn't found a way to simplify it. So I felt like I had to add all these realistic curves to make it recognizable as a man - Unfortunately the realistic curves I'm familiar with are all from girls so I was fighting that. 

So along with rethinking the character's personality, I decided to modify the pose to give it a more "at the ready" appearance. I almost died laughing when you mentioned the ballet pose, all I could think about was the whole story as this ridiculous epic space ballet...;) And he's not shirtless, lol, I was just keeping muscles sketched in since I didn't know how I wanted to simplify them and I was still trying to figure out the turn of his body :) I'm still figuring out how I want his hair to work too...

As for personality I think he should appear slightly condescending/suspicious (to match the queen's aloofness), he's militaty-esque, and ready to shoot anything that's gives the queen the slightest annoyance (to please her and because he's just wants to shoot things) though to match the tone of the story it's probably just a freeze ray ;) He can be outwitted, which saves Alice from being shot multiple times, but remains like a suspicious child towards that person until he is distracted by something else he thinks he should shoot - At this point forgetting all past suspicions. So he should give off the general feel of the flash gordon type hero with an anti-hero twist I guess...Does that make sense?...I think I've been drawing legs for too long...

Anyway, I tried to simplify his leg shape to fit the style better as well as give a more appropriate pose, look forward to hearing from you ^^

WOW!!!! that's awesome! 

you're right about being used to drawing things - I'm the same way with girls - I mostly draw guys. 

now just go back to your costumes. yeah. can't wait.

let me just say one more time . . . .Wow! the legs are a little straight, a little - you could bring back a little of the angles of before bring in some assymetry (add interest) - but it looks really good.

you'll notice the pectoral muscle is attached to the shoulder - it moves with it. maybe it would help to see a muscle chart - look up reference (I was about to suggest rubbing on some muscle bound guy - but that could be awkward - and maybe not as effective as looking at a chart of muscles). and since he has a shirt on - maybe indicate the bottom of the pecs by a crease or fold in the fabric.

FOURTEENTH POST - March 12th, 2009, 5:31 pm

Better? Did I lose too much of the gesture? The shape doesn't feel as strong...
I'll work on his description and the individual costume impressions and update this post with it asap ^^

The feet do look better, you still maintain the pose.

be warned - um - this next part may be kind of harsh. don't take it personally - overall your character designs are amazing. and this guy has a good feel to him, but there are still some things that are off. and you said you have problems with drawing guys, so here are some tips . . and questions. 

just so you know - I tried fixing the feet and spent like 20 minutes on it - before saying - augh - I can't get this guy to look straight without destroying this pose. 

I guess the real question would be - who it the king? if he's effeminate - or does ballet then that pose works. guys normally don't do 90 degree angles (or more - as is this case) with their feet. that's very girly. 

the hand is still small and the shoulder/upper arm is too tiny to be functional. not that it really matters, but you made the torso so muscular that it looks weird having the shoulder be just bone.

oh yeah - and does he have a shirt on? why can I see his washboard stomach? and is that a belly button? and if he's in space why does he have no shirt? 

for some sweet poses - check out tim mcburnie - 

THIRTEENTH POST - March 12th, 2009, 4:33 am

girls are soooo much easier...Lacking all the extra presentation since I wanted to post these before I went to sleep. 

Guys are annoyingly hard to costume...

Mini update: I've decided to make the White Rabbit ship a space taxi. The #10 exterior works nice with this idea for me so I'll start working on the interior again if you agree. 
I think I'll have it's AI personality be a little more worried like the book's character. Worried about being too far from base when Alice starts exploring and constantly mentioning time (it is a taxi afterall), possibly a bit like C-3PO. I wanted to have a clock of some sort be a prominent feature, and I think this idea works with that.

Other than that, thanks a ton for the Queen critique! ^^ I'll trim those thighs a bit, make the other adjustments and post an updated version when I get through with the rest of the costumes :)

Great. The king looks pretty good - but there are some wonky things about him. His thighs look kinda dried out, his feet look a little cloggish and small, and his shoulder/torso connection looks weird. But I love the torso and the head (the top of the head/hair is odd, though). Remember for character design you need to consider 3 major things 

1 - movement (this thing is going to be animated and has to be able to move)
2 - volume (it is going to be taking up 3 dimentional space (even if it's a 2d drawing - unless it's "little Jackie Paper" from Puff the Magic Dragon)
3 - weight - your character meets gravity.

you're doing pretty good on these things - but i somethings (like the hair) - I don't know how it moves - is it springing from the side of the head or the back of the head?

give it another shot - and then I'll do an overlay if you want - also talk through your pieces like you did with the queen. that was really nice.

TWELFTH POST - March 11th, 2009, 1:20 am

thanks! seriously, that was really helpful :) 
So I went ahead and did 5 more, I'm still working out the feet/hand/face but I think it's looking a little better. These were much more fun to do so hopefully that means they're stronger ;) I'm also hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I'll like them as much as I do now, we'll see...

Thanks for the link, it was definitely inspiring - I love his work! :)


nice. these each have consistent, repeated, ideas throughout. nice work. you got this.

one thing - I was looking at the queen and noticed her left thigh was looking saggy (this also gives you a great chance to give a subtle heart shape to her thighs) - also didn't have much thumb area on the right hand, and the right knee seemed to go in instead of out. as you see, the body is all facing one direction. and since that is the case, we'd see less of the side of the right leg and more of the side of the left.

hope this helps - I really dig your style, just needs a little refining (think of the bones inside the body - you're doing a good job of playing straight against curved lines - balance and give and take and all that - but that right forearm was getting a little wonky - like you used the liquify tool for the legs and didn't notice the arm got affected).

now is the perfect time to move on and do the other characters. you'll do the overall refining when you get them lined up and see what costumes work with each other.

looking forward to you next post. keep up the good work.

ELEVENTH POST - March 10th, 2009, 8:44 pm

Queen Impressions:
-Genuinely confused when things aren't going her way, a little clueless. It's not so much that she wants something because she selfish but because she just assumes she can have (or already "owns") whatever she wants. 
-Kindof a mix between Gracie Allen - comedically clueless, Audrey Hepburn - fashionable and sophisticated, and Mrs. Cleaver - Kindof a weird mother in the sense that she believes she is in charge of everything...random but I'll try to find a better example. 
-Believes that she is in charge of the universe, I guess nobody else got the memo ;)
-So she looks down on everyone and assumes she is the leader but isn't actively dominating I guess, does that work? I really didn't want her to be the cliche "off with everybodies heads" dominator queen, more of a "why won't this thing stop talking, make it go away" perplexed and delusional queen. Maybe she's from another planet where they all have social delusions ;)

The pose: I think the idea of her looking down shows her superiority. The hand is on the hip, ready to inspect everyone else and pass judgment - it also reminds me of a mother reprimanding her child or waiting to hear what mischief they got into. The legs are floating but she's still pulling one in like she doesn't want to touch something "lower" than her. The idea of her floating also works with the fact that though she meddles in everyone else's business but she isn't actively involving herself in it. She's not "grounded". Essentially she wants (believes it's her duty) to tell everyone what to do but she shies away from involving herself with those lower than her and things that are foreign to her.

Looking at the Costume sheet, I think I could make her narrow her eyes a bit to make it more obvious that she's looking down, furrow her brows and purse a lips a bit to show a bit of confusion or adorable frustration?. I want her to look a little more like the "girl you could never get", the untouchable beautiful girl in school. I'm having a hard time communicating her personality through the outfit but I'll try to work out my first impressions one by one and see what I come up with...:

#1- the "heart" design on the bodice was my first idea for her, it's a 60's shape and I think it's feminine. The high neck adds a bit of sophistication. I added the design on the legs to emphasize the hips as well as slim them (the line down the middle breaks the hip up but the shapes created on the outside would also widen them) I think the lines on the gloves and boots add "spaceyness" but might be too busy.

#2 - to me this one is uber feminine, and seems to make her a little younger. Maybe too young though. I was hinting at the heart shape again with the design on the top of the hip, and in the gloves and boots. I think she looks too nice...

#3 - the crossing v-neck is a little too sexy for her now that I think about it, she should be beautiful but not so inviting. The line on the legs is drawing my eye in a weird way, I'm not liking them so much. (they kindof remind me of the lines on some animal's legs)

#4 - I like the way her hair thing draws the eye in this one, the repeated design on the neck seems to frame her face in a nice way...I like that the design is repeated on the hips but I don't know if it was the best way to do it. Overall It seems almost right but I don't know...the legs are looking to clunky and heavy - they take away from the face.

#5 - The simple headband looks nice, young but sophisticated. This is only a slight variation from the #1 but I think the simplifications work a little better. I still like the heart bodice but I'm not sure if it fits the character as well as the clean turtleneck like in #4, it does allow the eye to wander more on the figure but I like the idea of focusing on the face.

#6 - This one gives off a very "ready for adventure" vibe, I like it as a design but I don't think it really fits the character or story line. I like the lines on the boots though.

#7 - I like the repeated design on the gloves on this one, the hair thing looks ok too but I think the jumper design on the top and hips is making her look too young and motherly (like an apron), I really think the design on the gloves and in the hair have some possibilities though...

#8 - Super simple. I think she looks like part of a group, like one of many that would have a similar design. It's nice and clean but I want her to look more individual. The lines on the boots remind me too much of mallards...

# 9 - Based on a dress I own ;) I think it's cool how the hair piece is wrapping around, combined with the neck design it's framing her face but allowing your eye to take it all in. I looks a little "mechanic"-y though, the costume combined with the pose comes across as a "ok I'm here, what needs fixing" It's not really coming off as a main character but I think it allows the best eye movement of all of them.

#10 - I really liked the leg design but after working out her character I think it would suit a more dominating personality. Likewise the zip-up neck, while sophisticated, seems way too sexy for her character. It's just too much on the whole. 

#11 - I was watching the tron trailer, forgive me ;) It kindof works but the circles on the leg bring the eye in at a weird point, my eye locks into the hips and I don't like that. I'm not sure what I feel about the hair and neck. I don't know, this one is interesting but I can't pin down what it makes me feel - maybe that's the problem...

After all this...I'm still liking the turtleneck idea - it's more "untouchable", maybe the repeated designs on the gloves and hair of #7...hmm...

Sorry if that description was spastic, I was having a hard time sorting my thoughts, I don't know if the dynamic will really even work but those were my first thoughts. I think she would still be powerful in the sense that she has huge resources at her disposal but she would just use them in bizarre ways - like the queen in the actual book.

that is some great thinking. see how it helps to vocalize (or write down) your character and talk through your ideas? you have a lot of good critiques on your work - as for detail and ideas - I suggest you check out Sean Galloway's work - http://gotcheeks.blogspot.com/ - I think it will help. Not everything he does is gold - but most of it is pretty dang phenomenal. 

I liked your "mallard" comment - and agree. 

as far as "untouchable" - when I think "untouchable beauty" like you're saying here - I don't think "skanky" - showing too much but alluring, certainly. and that can be achieved in so many ways other than showing skin. - in the end - it's your call. but the "untouchable" quality (to me) is more of nose up, aloof expression - not making eye contact. maybe half-closed eye-lids or all closed - give it a shot, I don't know.

the only think I would say to change about the basic figure is the right foot. if on the ground this would be pigeon toed and shy - but in the sky she's got a broken foot. it needs to go the other direction. - just try it yourself and see how it feels. . . unless you have a broken foot (in which case, I'd feel terrible) - and you'd need to get some reference - or I'll do a sketch for you. 

so - good job. now fix that foot and come up with a few more variations - ones that fit - and post those up.

I'm excited to see what you put up next.

TENTH POST - March 10th, 2009, 3:28 am

Got distracted by CHOW (Character of the week) and forgot to post this, here ya go :) 

- Thanks for the great crit btw! ^^ I'll work on her a bit more, I think if I have a better idea of the Queen's design it should help me with the details on Alice's costume as well so have at it ;) (I'm liking the legs on #10 right now)

Hawk - I want you to tell me what you like about these costumes. tell me about the character how these costumes/pose/expression help express her. Remember - we see the character - it's made up of what we do - which comes from what we think. so give me some background on the character and what she's like. talk about the costumes in terms of contrast, flow, interest, idea, concept, leading the eye, stopping the eye, speed, repetition, etc. tell me what ones work and what ones don't in your opinion. A lot of times it helps just to verbilize what you're looking at. go through each one. I'll give you a critique after you present it yourself. This realy helps. A lot of times I'll see stuff when I'm talking about pieces. 

these look good - I'm looking forward to your explanation.

NINTH POST - February 24th, 2009, 4:02 am

Here's some more Alice, I'll post the King and Queen tomorrow...I need to sleep...

#1 - there's something really simple and beautiful about this. the torso is clean and really strong. I also want to see a line or shape on the gloves and boots. 

#2 - I love the line continuing on the leg. the shape on the glove gives variety and I want to see that repeated on the boots.

#3 - the skirt - not as strong as the previous ones - but the shape on the boots is good

#4 - the goggles are great. seem a little unnecissary with the helmet and the band with the one circle is just such a nice shape i'd hate to lose it. the costume is nice

#5 the design on the gloves - this is great! repeat it on the boots and you got something

#6 - those two lines are nice on the skirt - repeat it on the gloves and boots and it'd be stronger than the squares, I think. I'm not sure how I feel about the lines on the wings - could be amazing - try the lines on the gloves and boots, too - something might be overkill - wont know until you try it.

good job. keep it up.

EIGHTH POST - February 19th, 2009, 9:48 pm

Looks like I'll finally be posting Alice assignments again now that I've recovered my hard drive. I've feel like I've been chomping at the bit waiting to get it up and running again so don't be surprised if I swamp you all with art this weekend ^^

Hawk - glad to see you're back. and . . . . bring it on.

that's a really great page of expressions. clean it up (tighter line work) and you've got something

SEVENTH POST - October 23rd, 2008, 3:16 am

thanks for the awesome critiques guys ^^ So after checking out what you both said and looking over the ships again I admit I'm still not attached to any of the ideas. Going back to my original concept I wanted to make the ship kinda like KIT, so it could drive itself and interact with the passenger rather than just be driven (probably as the voice of reason in the story) so I tried exploring the talking ship idea more and I did a couple of sketches. What do you think? Better? Worse? I'll keep working on this but I think I'd like to follow this concept further and make a page of variations on this idea.

I think I could play with "expressions" in the energy line thing too.

-The back seat is for the cheshire ^^
-I do everything in photoshop with a tablet and I usually leave everything really sketchy but I'm trying to make an extreme effort to clean up these assignments since I wanted them to be more presentable and clear. As for my technique in doing that, I'm just improvising as I go :)
-I'd love to see some of your progress, even if you just post it in your sketchbook and link it back here :) Thanks again for the great critique!

I like the sound wave things, it's a great idea. and between the rabbit ears - just explore what that will look like. One more thing - the exhaust pipe is too much of a circle. it would be more of an elipse. take something circular (a pencil with some rubberbands on it, a cup, the backend of a highlighter) and hold it in front of you at that angle. I think that will help you with the elipses - showing you what it would look like.

your other elipses are great - except for that line (is that a shadow?) under the belt of the ship. it doesn't help the form. it flattens it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SIXTH POST - October 23rd, 2008, 5:46 am

*sigh* After working on this ship all week, hacking away and fixing and refixing the interior panel to death I decided to take it back down to the basics and just try and figure out what the main control unit would look like/what general shape would work best (I'll add the extra controls back in when I have this figured out)...I'm really floundering with this one so the sketches are really random/not too inspired but hopefully you can head me off in the right direction so I can start working on a good set of focused variations. 

I did work on a turn around of the chair design as well as a set of control sketches but I thought I should clean up and post these first so I could start being productive again. Oh, and as for alice I'm going to make a few variations of the modified #8 and #9.

-I apologize for the serious lack of creativity...I need sleep...

uhm...i actually think you have explored quite a number of possible solutions, i´m talking not only about design, but also the way the ship should be "driven" by the pilot. I think they all have a simple, old fashioned kind of feel, wich i think suits perfectly the style. i don´t like 10, maybe cause it looks too sharp, and it´s also maybe too technologically advanced. I really like nr 2, maybe if they where of 3 differen sizes (maybe they are already, even if i think it´s only becase of perspective) it would probably look better though. I also like 3...maybe cause it looks like a tv, and it feels pretty uncommon to have a tv there, so it adds a nice touch, ..to me at least it feels cool =) I don´t really like the joystick idea, it doesn´t feel too characteristic, not compared to the other ideas, wich i think are really great. Number 9 for example if i understand it correctly (i see it sunk into the command panel) looks really new as a concept, but not technologically advanced, maybe it would be hard to use but still, it´s a very interesting concept to me. i like 8 a 5 for the same reason as 3, they are unexpected but still make sense, and the moped handles are really very old fashioned as a driving device in a space ship i gues....uhmm
hope it helps in some way.

i´m also alive and working but i´m having a hard time understanding my characters without a story, so i´m trying some story ideas, some character ideas, some silhouettes, when i have a strong lineup ready i´ll update it, or do you want me to post some prgresses meanwhile?

HAWK - i think your presentations look always very nice, your lines are clean and the concept is clear. do you ink with a tablet, or do you use paths?, for this ship for example (i imagine u used just the tablet for the others) and do you use ps/painter, or inkscaped for inking? (clear lines are something i´m strugling with, they seem to take a lot of time to get them right.., thanks =)


hawk - good job - this is some good exploration. if you're going for clean, 7 is the way to go - most of them I think are too simple - they can be a flat panel - but when we look up close - they could be broken up into color section - a large touch screen - how 60s future is that?! 

about your exhaust pipe - the circle in the inside is too high - and too much of a circle - it's continuing that elipse made by the things on the the outside. for screens and things - I adjusted #9 - I don't if it's better - but it is busy. I like the rabbit ears of #8. doesn't have to be a steering wheel - could be a human interfacing device that talks to her. I don't know. you could get rid of it all and just be super clean with touch panels and maybe put up desplays, projected screens, holograms.

I like the detail circumventing the craft ijn #8 and #10. you could also go clean with #3 - I like the transition between craft and exhaust pipe in #2. it shows design - thought - you didn't just shove a pipe in - you had a place where it's been manufactured, fitted, and ready for space travel.

why is there a big seat and a little seat? or am I seeing that wrong.

anyway - good work - keep it up

FIFTH POST - October 15th, 2008, 3:17 am

Midterms are over so I finally get to post these ^^ 

I saw that this week's Industrial Design of the Week was Vehicle Interiors and thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up even though I was already working on Alice. So I'm putting her on hold this week to work on the ship.

Face Variations - I've always gone with the first face that popped into my head so I thought it would be good practice to instead use my original as a base and see if I could come up with something more interesting by changing it around. The variations aren't too extreme but I think I found a few nice combinations. 
Costumes - I figured I'd choose one of these to create variations from. Right now I'm leaning towards the jumper shorts look, especially in #1 and #6 - I like how they remind me of the classic alice apron ^^ 

Anyway, I thought I'd just give you something to look over while I work on the ship this week - As always, I look forward to hearing from you :)

these are great. the controls on the spaceship - a little rough for your style - and the exhaust pipe seemed off center - but i like where it's headed.

the faces - too similar - you need to push it - try drastically different eyes and mouths and noses and relationships of those - you may find one better than you have - maybe not. but it will be educational and it will make for a stronger portfolio piece.

the full body - the helmet looks not like a helmet - just use one line. I've put stars by the ones I like a lot. the shorts just look weird to me. I don't know. I like the full suit or the dress or long shirt or what ever that is. it's very 60s, though - and I like it. I took the liberty of making a few changes - #8 is you #10 with #11's goggles - #9 is you 10s body - with the suit turned to skirt- which I think works nicely. and # 11 is a classic 60's number.

the goggles/glasses add an adventurous flare.

for the most part - these are really amazing.


hey, they´re really looking good, i liked number 9 a lot,, i think that in general the short take a way some of the female feeling...while the skirt and the suit add that flavour. at the beginning i didn´t understant she had a helmet...so i guess one line works better for that purpose =).
but they look very nice, and very professional!! :)


next step

HAWK - great. I love the Gulliver's Travels idea. now the next step is to decide how those characters are going to look. - you've got the first step down - now what are their clothes and faces . . . here's how one professional did this next step - notice the exploration even on this seemingly given and boring project. He gives it his best. - don't do the turn arounds yet - also - don't color them yet. 

go here . . 

although - you could do a whole book and/or animation with the characters as they are right now. . . so keep these. but take the next step and we'll go from there.