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SEVENTEENTH POST - March 28th, 2009, 1:07 am

So here it is finally! Sorry it took so long...I went through pages of variations before I got to this one. I really haven't done much (aka any at all) vehicle design before so I was leaning towards simple at first but after doing some more research and looking at the design in comparison to the other characters I decided to push myself further. I tried to incorporate some design elements from old 50's/60's cars and went for a external "face" since I was struggling so much trying to do that in the interior. I even went for something of a license plate/ship number that from the front looks like a rabbit tooth ;)

-I'll try to work out some variations based on this idea with some other views to clarify the whole look but I wanted to post this before I got myself too swamped. Look forward to hearing from you ^^

Quote inspired by this project...:
"If at first you don't succeed, just keep drawing 'til you go insane. Insanity is a great source of inspiration." - Me

wow - I'm really liking this rabbit. the front really does look rabbit-like. my question now is - where's the door (how do you get it). does the bubble disappear and then reappear or does it beam people inside? or are there some steps that fold down like on a plane? 

anyway - it may be late (your comment) - but well worth the wait. good job. and don't throw away those pages of searching - keep them - they are great for your portfolio.

oh - remember with design - there are places with details (usually smaller areas) and large areas where it's minimal. look at cars - large sides of cars - the details are in the front, near the tires, in the back, and usually have a purpose - lights, wheel wells, doors, handles, grills. also - you can push the variation. a lot of the pieces are similar size. the "face" of your rabbit is a good example - nose is small but cheeks are large. also - where the cheek and fender meet - try smoothing that out. this car has a front but it's still a sphere. and not based on a box like a normal car. so the transitions will probably be smoother. - just a thought - give it a shot and see what happens. 

and the insanity comment - very nice - keep it up. .. . .

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