Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random Story Notes Pages

Doing little rough thumbnails to inform some the moods/lighting/scenes so I could work out the costumes. Costuming is so informed by the environment, character, story and lighting so I need something to respond to as I narrow down my costume detail ideas. Here are some examples of the little abstracts I throw together and the resulting costume notes :)

Pattern Detail Sketches

Playing around with ideas for costume details, patterns and textures :)

Portrait Sketches

Early loose Blue Sky of a prehistoric planet

Swiss Family Concept - Refining

At this point I did another pass at the thumbnails. This may change as my speed in executing larger finished pieces increases but so far, if I can go back to thumbnails to solve a problem, it's the fastest way for me to narrow down my concepts. I'm very comfortable sketching small and it keeps me from getting caught up in the details before I have a overall silhouette/cut that is communicating. It's also freeing since I don't get attached to any idea when I spent less time on it. Keeps me from polishing something that is broken ;)

Swiss Family Concept

Just keeping it simple with the layouts. Like I mentioned before, only selections of these will be in the final portfolio but this is the sort of thing I enjoy on blogs so I figured I'd share it. 

Starting concept:
Robotic ad agency creating pitches for intergalactic tours ;)

My photo robots were fashion (costume) documentarians :)

Modified Concept:

So once I came on this really rough idea for Swiss Family Robinson I did quick little silhouettes, riffing off of Shaun and Keith's sketches...

...and started playing with a short script treatment. I ended up simplifying the role of the robots since that was a leftover from our original blue sky and I felt that I was rationalizing their photobot role too much. Once I had a basic story working I used that to sketch out some thumbnails of character moments/costume beats so I could further wrap my head around the characters and the themes of the story. 

I picked through the story thumbnails and took some of them further as I narrowed down my ideas. I also created a basic color map/guide for myself to inform the palette. I then took each character, picked the main emotions they arc through and did some little palette chips to inform their costume palettes for those moments.