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SIXTH POST - October 23rd, 2008, 5:46 am

*sigh* After working on this ship all week, hacking away and fixing and refixing the interior panel to death I decided to take it back down to the basics and just try and figure out what the main control unit would look like/what general shape would work best (I'll add the extra controls back in when I have this figured out)...I'm really floundering with this one so the sketches are really random/not too inspired but hopefully you can head me off in the right direction so I can start working on a good set of focused variations. 

I did work on a turn around of the chair design as well as a set of control sketches but I thought I should clean up and post these first so I could start being productive again. Oh, and as for alice I'm going to make a few variations of the modified #8 and #9.

-I apologize for the serious lack of creativity...I need sleep...

uhm...i actually think you have explored quite a number of possible solutions, i´m talking not only about design, but also the way the ship should be "driven" by the pilot. I think they all have a simple, old fashioned kind of feel, wich i think suits perfectly the style. i don´t like 10, maybe cause it looks too sharp, and it´s also maybe too technologically advanced. I really like nr 2, maybe if they where of 3 differen sizes (maybe they are already, even if i think it´s only becase of perspective) it would probably look better though. I also like 3...maybe cause it looks like a tv, and it feels pretty uncommon to have a tv there, so it adds a nice touch, me at least it feels cool =) I don´t really like the joystick idea, it doesn´t feel too characteristic, not compared to the other ideas, wich i think are really great. Number 9 for example if i understand it correctly (i see it sunk into the command panel) looks really new as a concept, but not technologically advanced, maybe it would be hard to use but still, it´s a very interesting concept to me. i like 8 a 5 for the same reason as 3, they are unexpected but still make sense, and the moped handles are really very old fashioned as a driving device in a space ship i gues....uhmm
hope it helps in some way.

i´m also alive and working but i´m having a hard time understanding my characters without a story, so i´m trying some story ideas, some character ideas, some silhouettes, when i have a strong lineup ready i´ll update it, or do you want me to post some prgresses meanwhile?

HAWK - i think your presentations look always very nice, your lines are clean and the concept is clear. do you ink with a tablet, or do you use paths?, for this ship for example (i imagine u used just the tablet for the others) and do you use ps/painter, or inkscaped for inking? (clear lines are something i´m strugling with, they seem to take a lot of time to get them right.., thanks =)


hawk - good job - this is some good exploration. if you're going for clean, 7 is the way to go - most of them I think are too simple - they can be a flat panel - but when we look up close - they could be broken up into color section - a large touch screen - how 60s future is that?! 

about your exhaust pipe - the circle in the inside is too high - and too much of a circle - it's continuing that elipse made by the things on the the outside. for screens and things - I adjusted #9 - I don't if it's better - but it is busy. I like the rabbit ears of #8. doesn't have to be a steering wheel - could be a human interfacing device that talks to her. I don't know. you could get rid of it all and just be super clean with touch panels and maybe put up desplays, projected screens, holograms.

I like the detail circumventing the craft ijn #8 and #10. you could also go clean with #3 - I like the transition between craft and exhaust pipe in #2. it shows design - thought - you didn't just shove a pipe in - you had a place where it's been manufactured, fitted, and ready for space travel.

why is there a big seat and a little seat? or am I seeing that wrong.

anyway - good work - keep it up

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