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SEVENTH POST - October 23rd, 2008, 3:16 am

thanks for the awesome critiques guys ^^ So after checking out what you both said and looking over the ships again I admit I'm still not attached to any of the ideas. Going back to my original concept I wanted to make the ship kinda like KIT, so it could drive itself and interact with the passenger rather than just be driven (probably as the voice of reason in the story) so I tried exploring the talking ship idea more and I did a couple of sketches. What do you think? Better? Worse? I'll keep working on this but I think I'd like to follow this concept further and make a page of variations on this idea.

I think I could play with "expressions" in the energy line thing too.

-The back seat is for the cheshire ^^
-I do everything in photoshop with a tablet and I usually leave everything really sketchy but I'm trying to make an extreme effort to clean up these assignments since I wanted them to be more presentable and clear. As for my technique in doing that, I'm just improvising as I go :)
-I'd love to see some of your progress, even if you just post it in your sketchbook and link it back here :) Thanks again for the great critique!

I like the sound wave things, it's a great idea. and between the rabbit ears - just explore what that will look like. One more thing - the exhaust pipe is too much of a circle. it would be more of an elipse. take something circular (a pencil with some rubberbands on it, a cup, the backend of a highlighter) and hold it in front of you at that angle. I think that will help you with the elipses - showing you what it would look like.

your other elipses are great - except for that line (is that a shadow?) under the belt of the ship. it doesn't help the form. it flattens it.

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