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ELEVENTH POST - March 10th, 2009, 8:44 pm

Queen Impressions:
-Genuinely confused when things aren't going her way, a little clueless. It's not so much that she wants something because she selfish but because she just assumes she can have (or already "owns") whatever she wants. 
-Kindof a mix between Gracie Allen - comedically clueless, Audrey Hepburn - fashionable and sophisticated, and Mrs. Cleaver - Kindof a weird mother in the sense that she believes she is in charge of everything...random but I'll try to find a better example. 
-Believes that she is in charge of the universe, I guess nobody else got the memo ;)
-So she looks down on everyone and assumes she is the leader but isn't actively dominating I guess, does that work? I really didn't want her to be the cliche "off with everybodies heads" dominator queen, more of a "why won't this thing stop talking, make it go away" perplexed and delusional queen. Maybe she's from another planet where they all have social delusions ;)

The pose: I think the idea of her looking down shows her superiority. The hand is on the hip, ready to inspect everyone else and pass judgment - it also reminds me of a mother reprimanding her child or waiting to hear what mischief they got into. The legs are floating but she's still pulling one in like she doesn't want to touch something "lower" than her. The idea of her floating also works with the fact that though she meddles in everyone else's business but she isn't actively involving herself in it. She's not "grounded". Essentially she wants (believes it's her duty) to tell everyone what to do but she shies away from involving herself with those lower than her and things that are foreign to her.

Looking at the Costume sheet, I think I could make her narrow her eyes a bit to make it more obvious that she's looking down, furrow her brows and purse a lips a bit to show a bit of confusion or adorable frustration?. I want her to look a little more like the "girl you could never get", the untouchable beautiful girl in school. I'm having a hard time communicating her personality through the outfit but I'll try to work out my first impressions one by one and see what I come up with...:

#1- the "heart" design on the bodice was my first idea for her, it's a 60's shape and I think it's feminine. The high neck adds a bit of sophistication. I added the design on the legs to emphasize the hips as well as slim them (the line down the middle breaks the hip up but the shapes created on the outside would also widen them) I think the lines on the gloves and boots add "spaceyness" but might be too busy.

#2 - to me this one is uber feminine, and seems to make her a little younger. Maybe too young though. I was hinting at the heart shape again with the design on the top of the hip, and in the gloves and boots. I think she looks too nice...

#3 - the crossing v-neck is a little too sexy for her now that I think about it, she should be beautiful but not so inviting. The line on the legs is drawing my eye in a weird way, I'm not liking them so much. (they kindof remind me of the lines on some animal's legs)

#4 - I like the way her hair thing draws the eye in this one, the repeated design on the neck seems to frame her face in a nice way...I like that the design is repeated on the hips but I don't know if it was the best way to do it. Overall It seems almost right but I don't know...the legs are looking to clunky and heavy - they take away from the face.

#5 - The simple headband looks nice, young but sophisticated. This is only a slight variation from the #1 but I think the simplifications work a little better. I still like the heart bodice but I'm not sure if it fits the character as well as the clean turtleneck like in #4, it does allow the eye to wander more on the figure but I like the idea of focusing on the face.

#6 - This one gives off a very "ready for adventure" vibe, I like it as a design but I don't think it really fits the character or story line. I like the lines on the boots though.

#7 - I like the repeated design on the gloves on this one, the hair thing looks ok too but I think the jumper design on the top and hips is making her look too young and motherly (like an apron), I really think the design on the gloves and in the hair have some possibilities though...

#8 - Super simple. I think she looks like part of a group, like one of many that would have a similar design. It's nice and clean but I want her to look more individual. The lines on the boots remind me too much of mallards...

# 9 - Based on a dress I own ;) I think it's cool how the hair piece is wrapping around, combined with the neck design it's framing her face but allowing your eye to take it all in. I looks a little "mechanic"-y though, the costume combined with the pose comes across as a "ok I'm here, what needs fixing" It's not really coming off as a main character but I think it allows the best eye movement of all of them.

#10 - I really liked the leg design but after working out her character I think it would suit a more dominating personality. Likewise the zip-up neck, while sophisticated, seems way too sexy for her character. It's just too much on the whole. 

#11 - I was watching the tron trailer, forgive me ;) It kindof works but the circles on the leg bring the eye in at a weird point, my eye locks into the hips and I don't like that. I'm not sure what I feel about the hair and neck. I don't know, this one is interesting but I can't pin down what it makes me feel - maybe that's the problem...

After all this...I'm still liking the turtleneck idea - it's more "untouchable", maybe the repeated designs on the gloves and hair of #7...hmm...

Sorry if that description was spastic, I was having a hard time sorting my thoughts, I don't know if the dynamic will really even work but those were my first thoughts. I think she would still be powerful in the sense that she has huge resources at her disposal but she would just use them in bizarre ways - like the queen in the actual book.

that is some great thinking. see how it helps to vocalize (or write down) your character and talk through your ideas? you have a lot of good critiques on your work - as for detail and ideas - I suggest you check out Sean Galloway's work - http://gotcheeks.blogspot.com/ - I think it will help. Not everything he does is gold - but most of it is pretty dang phenomenal. 

I liked your "mallard" comment - and agree. 

as far as "untouchable" - when I think "untouchable beauty" like you're saying here - I don't think "skanky" - showing too much but alluring, certainly. and that can be achieved in so many ways other than showing skin. - in the end - it's your call. but the "untouchable" quality (to me) is more of nose up, aloof expression - not making eye contact. maybe half-closed eye-lids or all closed - give it a shot, I don't know.

the only think I would say to change about the basic figure is the right foot. if on the ground this would be pigeon toed and shy - but in the sky she's got a broken foot. it needs to go the other direction. - just try it yourself and see how it feels. . . unless you have a broken foot (in which case, I'd feel terrible) - and you'd need to get some reference - or I'll do a sketch for you. 

so - good job. now fix that foot and come up with a few more variations - ones that fit - and post those up.

I'm excited to see what you put up next.

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