Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TWELFTH POST - March 11th, 2009, 1:20 am

thanks! seriously, that was really helpful :) 
So I went ahead and did 5 more, I'm still working out the feet/hand/face but I think it's looking a little better. These were much more fun to do so hopefully that means they're stronger ;) I'm also hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I'll like them as much as I do now, we'll see...

Thanks for the link, it was definitely inspiring - I love his work! :)


nice. these each have consistent, repeated, ideas throughout. nice work. you got this.

one thing - I was looking at the queen and noticed her left thigh was looking saggy (this also gives you a great chance to give a subtle heart shape to her thighs) - also didn't have much thumb area on the right hand, and the right knee seemed to go in instead of out. as you see, the body is all facing one direction. and since that is the case, we'd see less of the side of the right leg and more of the side of the left.

hope this helps - I really dig your style, just needs a little refining (think of the bones inside the body - you're doing a good job of playing straight against curved lines - balance and give and take and all that - but that right forearm was getting a little wonky - like you used the liquify tool for the legs and didn't notice the arm got affected).

now is the perfect time to move on and do the other characters. you'll do the overall refining when you get them lined up and see what costumes work with each other.

looking forward to you next post. keep up the good work.

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