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THIRTEENTH POST - March 12th, 2009, 4:33 am

girls are soooo much easier...Lacking all the extra presentation since I wanted to post these before I went to sleep. 

Guys are annoyingly hard to costume...

Mini update: I've decided to make the White Rabbit ship a space taxi. The #10 exterior works nice with this idea for me so I'll start working on the interior again if you agree. 
I think I'll have it's AI personality be a little more worried like the book's character. Worried about being too far from base when Alice starts exploring and constantly mentioning time (it is a taxi afterall), possibly a bit like C-3PO. I wanted to have a clock of some sort be a prominent feature, and I think this idea works with that.

Other than that, thanks a ton for the Queen critique! ^^ I'll trim those thighs a bit, make the other adjustments and post an updated version when I get through with the rest of the costumes :)

Great. The king looks pretty good - but there are some wonky things about him. His thighs look kinda dried out, his feet look a little cloggish and small, and his shoulder/torso connection looks weird. But I love the torso and the head (the top of the head/hair is odd, though). Remember for character design you need to consider 3 major things 

1 - movement (this thing is going to be animated and has to be able to move)
2 - volume (it is going to be taking up 3 dimentional space (even if it's a 2d drawing - unless it's "little Jackie Paper" from Puff the Magic Dragon)
3 - weight - your character meets gravity.

you're doing pretty good on these things - but i somethings (like the hair) - I don't know how it moves - is it springing from the side of the head or the back of the head?

give it another shot - and then I'll do an overlay if you want - also talk through your pieces like you did with the queen. that was really nice.

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