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FOURTEENTH POST - March 12th, 2009, 5:31 pm

Better? Did I lose too much of the gesture? The shape doesn't feel as strong...
I'll work on his description and the individual costume impressions and update this post with it asap ^^

The feet do look better, you still maintain the pose.

be warned - um - this next part may be kind of harsh. don't take it personally - overall your character designs are amazing. and this guy has a good feel to him, but there are still some things that are off. and you said you have problems with drawing guys, so here are some tips . . and questions. 

just so you know - I tried fixing the feet and spent like 20 minutes on it - before saying - augh - I can't get this guy to look straight without destroying this pose. 

I guess the real question would be - who it the king? if he's effeminate - or does ballet then that pose works. guys normally don't do 90 degree angles (or more - as is this case) with their feet. that's very girly. 

the hand is still small and the shoulder/upper arm is too tiny to be functional. not that it really matters, but you made the torso so muscular that it looks weird having the shoulder be just bone.

oh yeah - and does he have a shirt on? why can I see his washboard stomach? and is that a belly button? and if he's in space why does he have no shirt? 

for some sweet poses - check out tim mcburnie - 

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