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FIFTEENTH POST - March 13th, 2009, 9:25 am

*tried to post this earlier, around 5, but my computer was freaking out :( 

Ok, so after struggling endless hours on just this guys legs, I went back to the Sean Galloway link you gave me to see if I could get a better simplification on the overall look. I kept thinking to myself how much easier girls were to draw and I realized that's because I had been drawing them for so long that I knew how to simplify the form into basic curves. What was making this hard was that because I don't draw the male form all that often, I hadn't found a way to simplify it. So I felt like I had to add all these realistic curves to make it recognizable as a man - Unfortunately the realistic curves I'm familiar with are all from girls so I was fighting that. 

So along with rethinking the character's personality, I decided to modify the pose to give it a more "at the ready" appearance. I almost died laughing when you mentioned the ballet pose, all I could think about was the whole story as this ridiculous epic space ballet...;) And he's not shirtless, lol, I was just keeping muscles sketched in since I didn't know how I wanted to simplify them and I was still trying to figure out the turn of his body :) I'm still figuring out how I want his hair to work too...

As for personality I think he should appear slightly condescending/suspicious (to match the queen's aloofness), he's militaty-esque, and ready to shoot anything that's gives the queen the slightest annoyance (to please her and because he's just wants to shoot things) though to match the tone of the story it's probably just a freeze ray ;) He can be outwitted, which saves Alice from being shot multiple times, but remains like a suspicious child towards that person until he is distracted by something else he thinks he should shoot - At this point forgetting all past suspicions. So he should give off the general feel of the flash gordon type hero with an anti-hero twist I guess...Does that make sense?...I think I've been drawing legs for too long...

Anyway, I tried to simplify his leg shape to fit the style better as well as give a more appropriate pose, look forward to hearing from you ^^

WOW!!!! that's awesome! 

you're right about being used to drawing things - I'm the same way with girls - I mostly draw guys. 

now just go back to your costumes. yeah. can't wait.

let me just say one more time . . . .Wow! the legs are a little straight, a little - you could bring back a little of the angles of before bring in some assymetry (add interest) - but it looks really good.

you'll notice the pectoral muscle is attached to the shoulder - it moves with it. maybe it would help to see a muscle chart - look up reference (I was about to suggest rubbing on some muscle bound guy - but that could be awkward - and maybe not as effective as looking at a chart of muscles). and since he has a shirt on - maybe indicate the bottom of the pecs by a crease or fold in the fabric.

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