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THIRD POST - October 6th, 2008, 10:28 pm

Here are my lineups, I went back to the silhouettes and cleaned them up first and tried to add more character to each of them too since I thought they were a little lacking (I don't know if it made much of a difference, I've been staring at them way too long ^^), but overall this was really entertaining to do :)  It's also helping me understand more about how a strong silhouette can change the entire feel of a story - I'll definitely be working on that more on my own. Thanks for the great link by the way!

Can't wait to hear from you :)

Fellow Mentee "pepps":
they are all really nice in my opinion. They have a nice feeling to them, there is variation, but still unity, i really like tham a lot, can you share a bit of your workflow with us? =p did you get one silhouette you liked for each character and reworked it to get 6, or are they 6 different ideas? Did you have some ideas in mind when you designed them. I like how they all express different characters, in a very effective way. I can immediately tell who the character is, what he's up to, just by looking at these silhouettes...great job!

thanks pepps! I've never done these before so I didn't really have a set workflow but I just posted a "work in process" in my sketchbook to show how I developed them since it's kinda hard for me to summarize ^^; You can check it out here:
It shows you about 2/3's to 3/4's of what I did to get to this point.

I love your reference btw, and your silhouettes look beautiful!!

…and as far as your lineups i think that, all work as i said, it really depends on what is the relationship between the characters in the story...for example if the king and queen are to be together they might have similar shapes, if alice and the queen are to be enemies they might have opposing shapes...i guess...

I love it anyway, i think it's really inspiring!

keep it up =)

Thanks! That's a great suggestion :) I guess at this point I should start narrowing in on the exact group dynamic so I can get the best combination, I'll definitely keep that in mind while I work out the final lineup. Thanks again, this thread is awesome!

JASON: . . . . I like #1,3, and 4. #s 1 and 4 as they are, but #3 - I think if you're going to make the queen physically dominant she should dominate in everyway. that's the king cowering behind her. on 3 - I love alice. the oversized shirt is adorable.

so now you just need to decide which one you want to go with - the outgoing adventure family (4), the defenders of the universe (1) or the queen domination (3) - which ever fits your story - go with it.

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