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FOURTH POST: October 8th, 2008, 5:03 pm

Thanks for the help! ^^ I was having such a hard time narrowing these down but after bouncing between these 3 for awhile I think I've come up with a final choice. I really had to think ahead to where I wanted to take them. One of my favorite ideas for backgrounds was to give an ode to Alice shrinking and growing by having her visit planets with huge oversized plants, animals etc. and planets with miniaturized plants, animals, etc. so it would just "appear" that she shrunk or grew. So taking this in mind I tried to imagine how each group would look in this kind of situation...

#4: I love how cute they look together, they have a pleasant dynamic for me and I think the colors could be very bold but I don't think the backgrounds would have as much impact as I'd like them to have. I also feel like the plot would have to be shallower than I'd like. 

#3: I'm fond of Alice's oversized shirt too ^^ but having the obviously dominant queen plot is feeling a little too obvious for me. I also think it could end up a bit too predictable. The backgrounds would end up slightly too comedic I think.

#1: I really feel like this set will work the best with the overall look and feel that I'd like to pursue, the pocketwatch inspired ship is also my favorite of the ships :) I believe that this group would compliment the background ideas the best, the color choices could be more diverse and I feel like I could more easily add other characters to this set that could have alot of visual interest.

So after all that blabbering it looks like I'm going with #1 :)

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